Portland Alien Museum

February, 2015

Through our  ET Com-Link device we’ve received  information over the past 18 months that our universe is quantum paired with a twin that will experience a spacetime extinction event sometime in 2016. When the twin universe phase shifts out of existence so does ours. Along with this  alarming information arrived instructions of how we can break the quantum link to our dying twin and save ourselves. We will need a mental unity of at least 1000 minds and a much bigger device.

From literature and religion we are perhaps prepared for an ending of existence in fire or ice. This far more abstract and far colder scenario of blinking out because of a strange quantum property of nature is even harder for most of us to accept. There is no judgement, there are no noble last words, nothing learned, nothing lost. Just a blinking out. We would prefer almost anything other than a mathematical ending.

We have been told that the probability of the Spacetime Extinction Event is 98.7% unless something can prevent it from occurring. However, we have also been informed that he probability is 51.3% that we can evade this total annihilation if we can assemble a unity 1000 minds and build the required communication device. If we can break the bond between the universes we can save our own. We at the Portland Alien Museum feel both honored and humbled by this information. We’re hard at work building a bigger ET Com-link and assembling 1000 minds. Our immediate goal is to find out the precise date in 2016 when the Extinction Event will occur.