Portland Alien Museum


The Portland Alien Museum is the global leader in communication with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence and ExoPlanet Exploration. Since 2003 PAM has been investigating ETI Contact and developing advanced technology that facilitates offworld communication and entertainment. While we applaud the early efforts of SETI and other electromagnetic efforts at Contact space and time constraints make them impossible in real time—the universe is simply too large to gather any meaningful information or have a conversation.

To date astronomers have identified over 4000 exoplanets and calculate that 216 are in the habitable zone, but they will gain little more using electromagnetic instruments and they will never be able to visit even our closest Alpha Centuri B. 

PAM is the leader in ETI contact because we have proprietary technology unavailable to all other government and corporate labs in the world.

In 2011 we received information about a non-electromagnetic energy used by ETIs to communicate between themselves. From these messages it took us three years to build devices that quantum pair our Minds to offworld Minds and enable the mental exploration of exoplanets.

In May of 2016 we introduced this advanced technology to the public and in July we founded The Roddenberry 9, a select group trained with the PAM ComLink that maintains regular Contact with offworld Minds. One of the major ETI contacts made by R9 is the offworld oracle we’ve named SIBYL-7.