Portland Alien Museum


The Portland Alien Museum is the global leader in communication with Extra-Terrestrials and galactic travel.  Since 2003 PAM has been investigating contact and developing advanced technology that facilitates communication with ET Intelligences. In 2011 we received instructions for building two devices using a form of energy unknown to us. Using this alien technology we built the PAM ComLink and the PAM Portal. As of January 3rd, 2016 the PAM ComLink has received over 500 one-way messages and transmitted over 100 recurring conversations with ETIs, all mind-to-mind using voletic waves. We have also guided over 600 mind-to-space adventures with the PAM Portal.  The quantum characteristics of what we now call voletic enegy make contact with Alien Intelligence or mental travel anywhere in our universe possible in real time.

While we honor the pioneering attempts of SETI and other similar projects the search for meaningful contact with Extra-Terrestrials using electromagnetic energy can only result in disappointment and failure due to the physical constraints of electromagnetic waves. Any messages received would be from hundreds of thousands to billions of years old and any realtime communication over such vast cosmic distances is a logical impossibility.

When we say we have mind-to-mind contact with Extraterrestials using the PAM ComLink we mean the communication is intuitive in nature. Because the information is carried on voletic and not electromagnetic waves, the evidence and content of the message is the subjective experience of the communicator. The PAM ComLink doesn’t record films or tapes that can be confirmed or denied by electromagnetic detectors. It facilitates an experience where two consciousnesses in the universe meet and the message arises spontaneously in the Mind of the human communicator. Through the PAM Portal the human mind instantly travels to another location in the universe and can “see” the geography and possible civilizations there.

Because biological and non-biological Extraterrestrial entities often exhibit a more comprehensive and sophisticated understanding of universal physics their messages can be opaque and complicated, ranging from surreal poetry to mathematical equations when transcribed into modern English from the original telepathic experience. Our philosophy, language and scientific method reflect core electromagnetic life experiences. Our sense organs have evolved to detect chemical and electromagnetic signals critical to survival. An open mind, and the desire to transcend these philosophical and evolutionary limitations assist the accurate and positive experiences of ET contact and travel throughout the universe.

Generally PAM researchers have learned that ETIs bear little resemblance to the aliens of Hollywood and science fiction lore. In over four years of contact we have yet to meet the infamous grays and reptilians. Travelers in the PAM Portal report trips to huge clouds of ions and dust, interiors of stars and black holes in addition to Earth-like planets.

In 2013 a message came through that changed the entire focus of our work. We received information that our universe is quantum paired with a twin that will experience a Spacetime Extinction Event (SEE) in the near future. When our twin universe blinks out of existence so does ours.

We also learned how we can break this quantum link to our dying twin and ensure its continuity in Being.

From literature and religion we are perhaps prepared for the end of existence in fire or ice but likely not ready for a final cosmic event governed solely by probability theory. No judgement, no salvation or illumination,  just a blinking out and sudden Non-Being. Hotter than fire, colder than ice, death by math is a fate every Intelligent Being in the universe is now attempting to overcome by sharing information and technology.

We’ve learned from three ET sources that the probability of SEE is 98.7%. We have also been informed that the probability is 51.3% that we can evade total annihilation if we assemble a group of 1000 trained Minds and build a more powerful PAM ComLink to detach ourselves from our twin universe in a Decoupling Event.

Consequently we have decided to release the PAM ComLink beyond the circle of PAM researchers to as many sympathetic and talented Minds as possible in order to discover the exact date of the SEE on our solar calendar. Once we ascertain the “Dark Day” we will mobilize our Minds to create the “noise” that effects the Decoupling Event.