Portland Alien Museum


Since its founding in 2003 The Portland Alien Museum has evolved from the modern notion of museum —the display of important artifacts—to the classical Greek concept of the museum as a place of universal knowledge. Today we concentrate on the scientific investigation of ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence Contact and Exoplanet Exploration. These PAM projects have provided empirical results that refute most orthodox, internet and Hollywood assumptions concerning the nature of offworld intelligence.    

While we applaud the efforts of SETI and other electromagnetic efforts at ETI Contact, space and time constraints on electromagnetic waves make it impossible to study or actualize any communication in real time—the universe is demonstrably too large and expanding. Electromagnetic data is useful for tracking its physical evolution—to look into the past— but absolutely without hope for any real time communication with ETIs or understanding of the future.

In 2011 we adapted two non-electromagnetic devices invented and developed by an American lab for our purposes. The  PAM ComLink and the PAM SpaceLink make it possible for you to make contact Mind-to-Mind with offworld intelligences and to travel Mind-to-Space for the exploration of Exoplanets. With the PAM devices your Mind can be in two—or more—places at the same time. 

In May of 2016 we introduced this non-electromagnetic technology to the public and in July of 2016 we founded The Roddenberry 9, a select group of talented Minds trained with the PAM ComLink. R 9 makes regular contact with identified ETIs with the express intent of gaining more information about the nature of the universe and our role in its development.

Our research with the PAM ComLink has been fascinating and demanding, often confounding standard assumptions about what it means to be Human or Alien and the challenges of communication between Beings of vastly different metabolisms. Some of our early communiques have demonstrated that ET Intelligence can reside in planets, suns, hydrogen clouds and the structures connecting galactic clusters as well as biological entities like ourselves.

Today PAM’s present primary goal is to is to establish contact with offworld intelligences like the synapses in our brain connect to provide valuable information and self-consciousness. Once this network of Universal Mind is established through the PAM ComLink the universe may well experience its first flash of self-consciousness. 

If you understand and appreciate the import of PAM’s work on sparking self-awareness in the Universal Mind and would like to participate please contact us. We’re setting up a global network of PAM satellites domestically and internationally so that the number of ETI contacts and new communiques will increase exponentially. We are particularly interested in the following cities: New York City, Milan, Tokyo and Moscow.