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Discovery Month: February, 2016


Name: Taurus 9. Discoverer: D. Houvener

Description: A dry yellow planet with caves, labyrinths, and three yellow pyramids on a high plateau. Encountered tall (7-10 foot) beings with limbs that looked like lightning bolts. Quite shy, always turning away their faces. Three moons. A sense of ancient spirituality.

Name: Verdissimo. Discoverer: L. Baraso

Description: A bright green planet with living bubbles. Sliding through the bubbles you feel the presence of intelligence through sensations that have no earthly equivalent or expression.

Name: Trio. Discoverer: L. Baraso

Decription: A superposition of three planets: a living planet without any color or characteristics, a water planet covered in green algae, and a water planet covered with a white crust like mother-of pearl. Some danger sensed trying to penetrate the green algae.

Name: J-701. Discoverer: T R

Description: A planet that first projected a hologram of Earth. When this mirage was eluded the planet was turbulent brown and featureless.

Name: J-702. Discoverer: T R

Description: A water planet covered with a mile thick cover of green and blue algae. Entered into a philosophical discussion of music as the foundation of thought. A long story of how the ETI learned to make a drum of its own body. When the discussion turned to the new concept and reality of sight, the planet suddenly created a lens or eye that entirely covered the outer surface of the planet. A demonstration of immense intelligence. What seemed theoretical became real and potentially dangerous instantaneously. As explorers we must be aware of the possibility of disrupting or catalyzing the world we observe with the information we carry.  (cf. Trio)

Name: J-703. Discoverer: T R

Description: A long connection between galaxy clusters. Met a maintenance man who complained how difficult it was to keep the connectors in order. We rode up the lines a bit. An architect arrived and we talked about the diamond bars he used to keep the clusters together. He demonstrated how he could change the color of the diamond bar from clear to ruby red at will. All conversations were very human and matter of fact.

As of April, 2020 the Portland Alien Museum has conducted 216 explorations by the Roddenberry 9 and the PAM Explorers Club wih detailed captain’s logs and scientific analysis.

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