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The PAM Explorers Club is intended for the international audience that would like detailed information about the content of ETI Contacts and Explorations conducted by The Roddenberry 9. We believe this information is the biggest story in human history and you can be a part of it.

There are two classes of Explorers Club membership: Carbon and Diamond.

With both levels you will receive a monthly newsletter by email that reports each Contact and Exploration exactly as it was experienced by the R9. In these reports are descriptions of ETI’s— their psychologies, societies, and technologies that you will find nowhere else on our planet.

In addition all Carbon and Diamond members of the PAM Explorers Club will be eligible for a lottery every quarter where one lucky winner will receive a set of PAM ComLinks for their personal use. ¬†As you well know the PAM ComLinks are not for sale to the public, so this is a rare—and priceless— opportunity for those seriously interested in ETI contact to possess the means to do it.

As a special benefit to Diamond Class members once a quarter R9 makes two seats available at their sessions. All D-Class members in the vicinity of the meeting will be contacted and the first to respond will be chosen.

Membership in the PAM Explorers Club is open to every individual on Earth over 18.

If you have questions about the club please contact us by phone or email.

If you want to join you can do it here. Many thanks for your support!

Carbon Class: One-year membership—$50.00

Diamond Class: Lifetime membership—$200.00

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