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The Portland Alien Museum was founded in May of 2003 by Dr. Lawrence Johns and Dr. Stephen Hanns. Our first show was at the 2003 UFO Fest in McMinnville, Oregon.  The Museum was housed at 1716 NE 42nd Ave. in the Hollywood district of Portland, Oregon. The initial idea was to entertain and inform the public about the rich UFO history of the Pacific Northwest—Maury Island, the key Kenneth Arnold sightings from 1947 which gave the term “flying saucer” to the world, the Trent photos from 1950 and other significant regional UFO and ETI events including the hotspot at James Gilliland’s ECETI ranch in Trout Lake Washington. 

PAM had a room where kids could play and talk to ET, a diorama of the 1947 crashes at Roswell New Mexico, a major collection of alien-themed art and a small theater where visitors could take a 3D roller coaster ride with a pair of fun-seeking aliens. Throughout the museum monitors showed the latest videos of crop circles and UFO footage. We featured a research library where visitors could access important books and videos on UFOs and ETIs. PAM’s Department of Alien Studies published articles on the psychological and philosophical implications of ETI contact. 

Of worldwide interest was our extensive collection of original newspapers and magazine articles covering the wave of 1947 UFO sightings in Portland and other cities in the Pacific Northwest. This was new and conclusive evidence proving that the UFO phenomenon in the Northwest was real and had significant social impact at the time.

The story of the Portland Alien Museum was quickly picked up nationally and internationally and within two months PAM was regarded as the most important alien museum in the world after the Roswell UFO Museum. We organized international conferences with UFO experts including Clyde Lewis of the nationally syndicated Ground Zero talk show. 

During that summer of 2003 PAM became a key and highly publicized Portland tourist attraction. We were featured in over 75 Sunday supplements and featured in many European books on alternative tourism in America. We had interviews with the BBC, NBC and many other media organizations.

Success as a tourist attraction made it difficult to continue in our small converted house in the Hollywood district. In the winter of 2003-4 PAM put its collections in storage and sought a business partner to relocate into a bigger and more appropriate space. When this transition didn’t arise Dr. Johns continued solo and concentrated on ETI contact and PAM’s online presence.  Over the next several years Dr. Johns was addressed by a number of individuals claiming contact with aliens but nothing survived the museum’s vetting process until he received an intriguing set of cassette tapes concerning a Nordic that had been marooned on Earth by his superiors for disobeying military protocols. 

After five months of close analysis it was decided to publish these tapes on our website as “The Gunnar Transmissions.”

The audio of “The Gunnar Transmissions” was later installed at the Littman White Gallery at Portland State University in March 2012 in the “Contact” show.

On May 9th 2016 we introduced the PAM ComLink, our new communication voletic technology, on Clyde Lewis’ Ground Zero nationally syndicated talk show. Tens of thousands of listeners made ETI contact during this show and called in with remarkably similar messages regarding the future of man and our planet. This historic event quickly became Ground Zero’s most popular show at the time, with over 80,000 downloads on SoundCloud. From May 10th to May 15th 2016 we used the PAM ComLink in a series of shows at the Moonlight Theater during the UFO Festival in McMinnville, Oregon.

In June, 2016 we founded the Roddenberry Nine, a small group of minds trained in the PAM ComLink and named in honor of Gene Roddenberry, who participated in a similar group in the early 1960’s that provided the inspiration for his Star Trek television series.

The PAM ComLink and the activities of The Roddenberry 9 are featured on the TV series “I’m Carlos Now” on YouTube.




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