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April, 2017

Number 4 Reporting.

I flew in low to the planet, circled a few times until I could feel some sentience dancing with me, then I was sliding down through bubbles that became blue tunnels, something like a water slide that opened into large lake.  A water spout raised me about a hundred feet up and I began to get some incredible ideas. As soon as I thought of something, say a red flower, the design of the flower would appear beside me and then become real, except to experience that flower I needed about ten more senses more than just vision and smell. The feeling was that I was in another body and was seeing the flower from a hundred different directions at once. Then the flower wilted into nothingness and fell away. But soon I was thinking of more complex things. I thought of Rick, that day at the cabin when he beamed happiness and he was there, not frightening, just there like he always had been. I thought for some reason of Marcel Duchamp and his nude descending the staircase floated up and then away…


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