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June, 2017

Number 1 Reporting:

I immediately contacted 1-BG and we met up with the Large Gray Cloud for a brief conference and then, in response to a long held desire we concentrated for a moment and then were outside the Universe looking back. All that we take for everthing looked like a creamy white pearl connected to a few other pearls. The composition was close to that of a carbon atom, but that made no apparent sense. How can the universe (or group of universes) look like a carbon atom? There was a color shift, as everything turned beet red, then blue, then pearl again. I felt free to leave and explore elsewhere, but soon had the feeling that there was little in the neighborhood. Five universes bound together as a molecule in some greater physical construction. I suddenly understood that we will never have an adequate understanding of intra-cosmic scales. We will never be comfortable with the size or dimensions of reality. Only Will breaks down the indefinite number of possibile worlds into what we see, and as we see more, with more sophisticated lenses and computing our brains will grow exponentially. On this occasion I was able to exit the universe, take a picture and return to Earth. There is nothing to suggest that this journey can be repeated with the strong potential of even more fascinating results……



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