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The OPD was built on instructions received via the PAM ComLink from offworld intelligences. After three years of development and testing we know it’s highly effective and totally safe.

It works with voletic energy—which is strongly related to the 95% of reality that is non electromagnetic—and sets up a thirty-foot diameter field in your home. This field bonds with the individual and strengthens his/her life force. While we legally cannot make any medical claims—please consult your doctor for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions—we can bring to your attention that the OPD will help you sleep better than you ever have in your life and the customized healing commences with the first night.

The reason for the word “panacea” in the name comes from our years of testing when our staff noted that the OPD cleared up health problems specific to the individual even when he/she was unaware of them. From the minor and fleeting irritations of daily life to major life-threatening situations the OPD heals without drugs, surgery or side effects. It also makes meditation and yoga more effective and profound.

It takes about 3 months to make one OPD. We’ve built 21 devices that are available to the public. If you have questions about this new universal health system contact us. If you’d like one for your private use you may purchase a set here.


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