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The PAM Comlink experience is an exploration deep into space and deep into your mind. As PAM explorer you must have confidence, courage, knowledge and resourcefulness. It’s definitely for the talented few, and useful results are contingent on the staying strength of your mind, your emotional flexibility, and the critical acceptance of scenarios and characters that you have never encountered before.

You may see without eyes, talk without a tongue, think with a brain outside your body and experience universal reality in ways that have never been done before.

The exploration is a type of Western meditation accelerated by the voletic technology of the ComLink. You’ll be in a quiet room with your eyes closed for between 40 and 90 minutes.  This space is the ship. You’ll have a captain for takeoff and return. During the trip you’ll be on your own.

Those trained in Eastern meditation may or may not have an advantage in the ComLink Experience. Eastern systems of mediation—and their ‘mindfulness’ offspring—through self-hypnosis, emptying techniques and focus on specific sounds and images attempt to dissolve the ego. In the ComLink Experience you need maximum ego and maximum practical intelligence to deal with the new and astounding events.

The ComLink Experience is Western contemplation where your ego and sense perceptions, your consciousness and understanding are all extended and expanded in the service of your individual will.

There’s never any danger to your mind or body, or not returning to Earth because you are in both places at the same time. You close your eyes, travel to distant planets and return refreshed to your room with new information about the universe and a new sense of self.



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