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Thanks to the quantum effects of our alien technology once the PAM ComLink is installed in your space you’ll experience contact with other Intelligences in the universe Mind-to-Mind. The nature and content of this contact may be a simple sign or a complex combination of tones, ideas and words.  Those with open Minds may find information coming through new sense organs and brain circuits. There is always the possibility of intellectual, emotional or spiritual discovery.

Our realtime experience with ETI Contact indicates that almost all of the popular notions of alien Beings and their intentions are incorrect and misleading.

ETI Contact  is a great stage for audience members to ask questions that hold special significance to them. Each show is a trip into time and space, an encounter of Self with Other, and the more one appreciates the Other the more one appreciates the Self. The Mind is the greatest show on Earth and many have found the ETI Contact to be a life-changing experience.

You must be 18 or older to attend a PAM Contact Show. For details, pricing and scheduling please email us.

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