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After two years of scientific investigation and over 300 explorations the Roddenberry 9 is the most experienced and knowledgeable group of universe explorers in the world.

A film and book about R 9’s astounding discoveries is currently in  production. For now we can state that the descriptions of ETIs from Hollywood, UFO culture, dreams and other subconscious sources are generally false and misleading– R9 has yet to encounter any Gray, any Reptilian, any Nordic, or other common form of alien memes. The reality is much stranger and more demanding than sci-fi speculations or typecasting from UFO lore.

We can also say that humans have distinct advantages in dealing with alien intelligence. Details on the source and use of this advantages will be presented in the film.

For serious followers of PAM we’ve made 2 seats available to the public for The Roddenberry 9 explorations. Please see the PAM Store for more information.




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