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After nine months of investigation R9 can release some general points to the public.

1) The descriptions of ETIs from Hollywood, UFO culture and online sites are patently false—after hundreds of explorations we have yet to encounter a Gray, a Reptilian, a Nordic, or any other of the common alien memes. There appears to be no threat of an alien invasion or any particular interest in our planet.

2) After 32 recurring Contacts, and over 100 singular Contacts it appears that humans may have certain strong advantages in dealing with ETIs.

3) Intelligence has developed in a myriad of ways throughout the universe. Our sense organs, our language, our thought processes have all evolved from a fundamental drive to survive that is specific to our environment. To successfully communicate with ETIs requires the trained ability to transcend these limitations.

4) We are learning that our current theories of mathematics and physics—the standard model—are incorrect but we haven’t yet learned why.

Each month on the Monthly Report page we post one report by R9 for our online audience. Detailed reports containing all explorations and analyses are available to members of the PAM Explorers Club. 




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